Marketing a bit archaic?

Ever wish you could connect with potential
customers at the exact moment they're
searching for your product or service?
Now you can with 5L media™!

Leads that Contact You!

We specialize in promoting products and services via electronic media to generate inbound sales leads with high buying intent. Unlike traditional marketing, our process involves the use of multiple channels and methods to produce instant results.

Why 5L media™?

You already know the old school marketing tactics aren’t working. In fact, you’ve probably been caught on the wrong side of an irritating sales call a few times this week already. What you want is a powerful online presence where you can aggressively market and grow your business. But all this digital marketing stuff feels like being caught in a spider’s web full of monsters like SEO, content marketing, and social media. Fear not, we’re here to help!

5L media™ offers a new approach to marketing your products and services. An approach that doesn’t involve hunting down new customers; instead they’ll come to you by giving them something that captures their interest! Potential customers search the web trying to solve a problem and they love finding resources that will help them. Our job is to create and deliver a compelling and attractive offer that positions your company as the expert and best resource to solve this problem.

How it Works!

We use a proprietary combination of targeted promotional ads and compelling sales content to put your business in front of likely buyers, on their terms, across the web.

Lead Types

We can communicate an offer for just about anything, from organizational news to daily deals to an offer to apply for coverage with an insurance carrier. Regardless of your industry, 5L media™ offers the single best way to drive website visitors and sales leads to your business!

Our industries of focus include insurance, financial services, retail/e-commerce, mortgages, cash advance, home security, dish/cable television and education with lead generation delivered through services ranging in scope from search engine optimization (SEO), email, social media, backlinks, contextual and every other micro-niche within the marketing discipline. Our business model is laser focused on ROI and value per dollar for all clients. Big or small, our clients receive high touch service and support!

Our Process

We generate targeted, measurable traffic to your website through our proprietary lead generation methods and digital marketing strategies. Our consultative approach is 100% results-driven. Minimizing risk and maximizing ROI.

We take a very hands-on, analytical approach to generating scalable website traffic. We work closely with you every step of the way and constantly analyze our marketing performance results to ensure your getting the best conversions and service possible.

Digital Marketing is the best way to grow your business!

We connect buyers with sellers at the exact moment a prospect is interested in learning more about your service. We then leverage our advanced technology to optimize results and systematize the duplication process to maximize traffic. Stop wasting your marketing dollars on leads that produce little to no results. Our leads are exclusive and contact YOU genuinely interested in purchasing!

Pricing & Campaign Details

Select an option that best fits your lead generation appetite and budget!

Digital Marketing Campaign
We use targeted promotional ads and compelling sales content to put you in front of likely buyers using social, search, blog and mobile advertising. Leads generated have ultra high buying intent as they’ve initiated contact through your own website!

  • Targeted site traffic by geography, age or interest
  • Campaign performance tracking 
  • 500-25,000+ new website visitors monthly


Schedule a demo and receive $100 in free site optimization to start!

Overflow Leads
These leads are sourced from existing campaigns generating more lead volume than our clients can handle. Overflow Leads are delivered exclusive and offer a great opportunity to purchase A+ quality leads at a discounted rate.

  • Leads generated from social, search, blog and mobile campaigns
  • Delivered exclusively so you never have to worry about competition
  • Both exclusive Form Leads and Live Call Transfers available


Schedule a demo and receive $100 in free site optimization to start!

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